Apr 9, 2008

My First House Construction Project

Building a house can be intimidating, especially when you have never done it before. There is no better way to learn how to build a house, than to just jump right into it and get the ball rolling. I say that lightly, but at least grabbing a book on how to build a house will help, which is what I did. Another very helpful tool I used to build this house was a little advice from friends who had already been through the experience as well as talking to my framing carpenter all the time.

Wendy and I started building this house in 2003, which was in the midst of the real estate boom! Then thing to do during those years was to build a house, live in it for two years, and sell it for a nice little profit, while avoiding the capital gains tax. You can't beat that kind of deal. So many of my friends where all on the band wagon building many houses.

There was a lot to learn building this house and I learned just about everything I would need to know making any other construction project for the future a cake walk. This project went by very fast and ended up being completed in about seven months.

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My First House Construction Project

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